Who We are

We all want life to be so much more than just a routine. The same trip to the supermarket week after week. A "plan" meaning going to the same restaurant again and again. Where's the "adding value to life" that we all wanted to do? It disappeared the day we said yes to a routine. Wouldn't it be just great to be able to shrug off the weekly timetable and do things that truly made us happy?

Which is where Deliverr comes in. We add value to your life by taking care of your grocery and takeout delivery needs. Simply select your grocery for the week. Or even twice a week if you want. Or even daily. Our certified shoppers will source the same and deliverr it to your doorstep on the very same day from any store of your choice, in less than an hour. What's more you can even order your favourite meal with us online, from any restaurant of your choice . We promise to play butler and satisfy your hunger pangs, including taking care of your customisation needs (Extra cheese on the pizza, did we hear?).

In case you have something to celebrate at work, or simply want a break from the same old food available around office, give us a try. We'll bring a smile to your face no matter how the day's been so far.

And that's not all. We also deliverr your choice of liquor from your favourite stores. Cos' we know how it feels when you run out of beer during a game. And everyone knows, there's no greater freedom in life than a beer on a weekend afternoon. We'll be your liquor delivery quarterbacks!!

So try us, download our app and place your order. We promise, we'll give it our best shot....